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Article Published 04/10/2017


We've had some great press in the past week about and we thought we'd share our story with you! The article itself was written by Alex Mason PR and has been featured in BQ Live, Yorkshire Business Daily, B Daily, The Business Desk, Entirely Leisure and The Yorkshire Post! You can read the full article below...

Two Yorkshire entrepreneurs have designed and launched a new online price comparison website designed to allow engaged couples to source, ‘meet’, book and pay for wedding photographers and videographers via a single platform.

Business partners Chris Howarth and Natasha Miller have established, which allows couples to sign up for free by creating a customer profile and adding details including their engagement date, wedding date and the running order of their wedding day.

Similarly, photographers and videographers can create a free supplier profile to showcase their portfolio of work, location, contact details and exact package prices.

Once a supplier profile is added to the site, couples can then conduct supplier search based on parameters including location and budget.

The couple were inspired to create the platform – which is the only one of its type in the world – based on their own frustrations and experiences as wedding videographers, and have invested over £20,000 in the functionality of the website.

Chris said: “We’ve had so much feedback from our own wedding videography clients about how difficult it was for them to research, compare prices on and book wedding photography by having to trawl numerous websites and send off umpteen emails asking for exact package costs and quotes.”

Natasha said: “ has the functionality to allow suppliers to upload a portfolio of work and exact price lists. Couples can then filter based on location and budget, and if they find a supplier they want to speak to, they can instant message them via the website or call them directly via Skype.

“If a couple wants to make a booking, the supplier is then notified by text and email. Once they’ve accepted the booking, the couple receives a prompt to pay a deposit. Absolutely everything is done without needing to leave the website.”

The duo – who take five per cent commission from each booking made via the site – has integrated Stripe, a PayPal owned payment platform used by companies including Airbnb and Deliveroo, to allow for ease of use and secure transactions.

Since launching just over one month ago, more than 150 suppliers have created profiles and the site has received over 25,000 unique visits from across the globe. The couple now plan to seek investment to help grow the site further in 2018.

Chris added: “Price comparison and review-based websites continue to transform the way we book holidays, purchase car insurance, and even get a date.

“So why are couples still having to trawl websites, send silly amounts of emails and spend unnecessary amounts of time when it comes to booking someone to photograph or video their wedding day? is the solution to that problem.”

Written by
Natasha Miller, Creative Director,