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Article Published 09/10/2017

9 Images Photography

Northampton based photographer Sharon Lewis is the wonder woman behind 9 Images Photography. Sharon provides coverage in the UK and beyond and her photography style captures the images that YOU want. You call the shots and Sharon works closely with you to ensure that she captures beautiful images that suit you and your day. We asked Sharon what inspired her to become a wedding photographer;

At the age of 8 I found an old family camera, and that’s where is all started!”

So you’ve had a camera in hand from a very early age, how would you describe the style you’ve developed in that time?

I love creativity! Fly on the wall wedding photography and capturing a couple’s day as it happens… The reality, the tears, laughter, antics and dance floor struts, not to mention the finer details like the dress, earrings cufflinks, gifts etc!”

What do you enjoy most about capturing a couples big day? 

Sharing the love,  emotion, and jokes with the couple and their guests.”

What should a couple look for in a photographer and in those all important wedding photos?

“An image that shows you as a couple, not something strained or that’s alien to you. It’s important to feel relaxed and comfortable with your photographers style, and that it reflects you as a couple, and not their vision of what you might be!” 

So its important to you and your style that the couple are relaxed, how do you get them to feel at ease in front of the camera?

I meet with them, get to know them and allow them to know me. I like them to see that I’m human, and that they would enjoy me as a guest at their wedding! I’m someone who makes everyone around me feel relaxed! The guests and the couple can have banter with me and share a joke. It’s all about fun, customer care, and professionalism!”

And outside of photography what do you do for fun? 

“Sport, skiing and worldwide travel. I like the finer things in life, but at the same time can scruff it camping at a weekend festival!”

Sharon’s professional attitude and willingness to capture the images YOU want from your big day makes her the perfect match for couples looking for an easy going and personable wedding photographer. We asked Sharon a few off the cuff questions starting with describing herself in just three words;

witty, honest and sentimental!”

If you could be any fictional character who would it be any why? 

Wonder woman-because I’d like to have the power to save those that need it from harm. I love to dress up, and think the outfit would suit me well, and I mean that ha ha!”

Who is your favourite band or artist? 

“In all honesty I don’t have one favourite, I have many from various genres!”

And If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 items would you want with you? 

Water, wifi, and someone to talk to and share cuddles! Very cheesy but thats me!”

That’s not cheesy at all Sharon! We love a good cuddle! 9 Images offer high quality photography and excellent customer care, they also offer oversea’s coverage so if your looking for a destination wedding photographer or a passionate UK wedding photographer Sharon has got your back! To see more of her work head over to her profile.

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