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Article Published 04/10/2017

HowarthMiller Weddings

Leeds based photographers and videographers HowarthMiller Weddings have been on the scene for over 3 years now, with their authentic and relaxed approach to capturing the moments in your day that you may otherwise have missed! They pride themselves on being discreet and creating natural and honest wedding photographs and video.

We caught up with the team behind HowarthMiller Weddings and they had this to say;

“The day can be a bit of a whirlwind for couples, they are wrapped up in the excitement and emotion of the day and so many couples we’ve worked for have mentioned just how quick the day went! It’s so important to make sure you have the right people for the job on your wedding day, you have an idea in your head of how you want your day to go and photographs and film should be there to forever capture those memories. I can’t recommend having a videographer at your wedding highly enough, to be able to see the way your partner looked at you when you walked down the isle or to hear your fathers speech again is priceless, I think when people think about videography they think of the old hand held 80’s wedding video that their parents had and the quality has changed so much now, you can have a beautifully edited film with all the important moments of your day to keep forever! I say that… I’m nearly 30 and still love looking at my parents shaky hand held early 90’s wedding video!”  

With this in mind we asked how couples should approach looking for their perfect wedding capture;

 “Go with the people that understand what your looking for, you can see their style of imagery online and the kind of things they offer but its important to know what they are going to be like on the day, we want couples to feel relaxed, thats the only way to capture that pure emotion they’re feeling, we try to stay in the background and a lot of the couples we’ve worked for have said they didn’t notice us at all throughout the day which for us is perfect. We completely believe that we are there to capture the day and not change it but we understand that some couples are looking for direction, there are plenty of photographers and videographers out there that will tell you how to stand, where to look and what to do if your after more posed or dramatic photographs or film on your day, but our style is to document the day as it happens and how it happens. ”

And what kind of things should couples ask a photographer or videographer they have their eye on?

“Couples shouldn’t be afraid to quiz suppliers, if there are certain shots you want or important moments that you know are happening during the day let your supplier know! They will always do their best to accommodate your requests and will often ask you for a shot list anyway. One thing I would say to couples is don’t be bamboozled by photographers or videographers, some will go into so much detail about the lenses they use, awards they’ve won, what editing software they have and how they offer bespoke tailored packages to your day but if they can’t tell you an exact price and let their work speak for itself they might be using their technical jargon to make themselves sound better than they are, do your research and look at their work, price and reviews to see what other couples think of their service before you book.”  

Do couples need to meet you before their wedding day?

“For some couples this is a must but it honestly doesn’t make any difference at all to what is captured on the day, we always have contact with the couple a few weeks before their wedding  and because we travel around the UK a skype, facetime or just a phone call gives us all the information we need about thier day such as timings, locations and desired shots. It’s always nice to skype or facetime though, I think as humans we just feel more relaxed once we have seen facial expressions and genuine reactions!”

And finally is there any specific part of the day that you look forward to capturing?

“I wouldn’t say there is a specific part of the day per se, it’s more about those genuine reactions! I love it when you see those little moments like if the groom has clammy hands when thier partner is putting the ring on and they say something daft that sends them both into fits of laughter, its those little moments that might not seem as important as signing the register but they all add up and are special moments in the full story of your day.”

We’ll have another instalment of our ‘Meet The Suppliers’ blogs soon, so be sure you check back for more information straight from the horses mouth! Until then…

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