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Article Published 09/10/2017

Peterborough Wedding Photographers

Peterborough wedding photographer Adrian Cottrell is the man behind the aptly named Peterborough Wedding Photographers, for any couple looking for a caring and professional wedding photography service Adrian is your man, providing all styles of photography so that you get exactly what you want from your wedding photo’s. We caught up with Adrian to ask him when he first became passionate about photography;

“I Started taking photographs at the age of 6 with a box brownie… I’m giving away my age now!!”

How would you describe your style of photography?

“High quality, adaptable: from really formal to totally off the wall - it all depends on what the customer requires.”

What do you enjoy most about capturing a couples big day?

“Just the fun of a wedding… the smiles, laughter and nervousness all go into making a unique day!”

How do you help couples to relax and feel at ease in front of the camera and do you have any advice for couples when it comes to photography?

“We have a pre-wedding ‘getting to know you’ meeting around 4 weeks prior to the wedding. This really helps iron out the bumps and reduce nervousness for the couple. Remember to Just relax and be as natural as possible… Forget we’re there of possible!”

Do you have any hobbies Adrian and how do you relax outside of your work?

“My hobbies are Computing and motoring and to relax I take as many holidays as possible in warm places!”

Peterborough Wedding Photographers do everything they can to create the perfect images to capture all of the love and laughter on your big day. We like to throw out a few personal and silly questions so just for fun we asked Adrian to describe himself in three words…

“Calm, friendly and professional”

If you could be any fictional character who would it be any why?

“Sherlock Holmes … he always has the answers!”

Who is your favourite band or artist?

“I’m a big fan of Dido”

And if you were stranded on a desert island what 3 items would you want with you?

“A great book, a well and a great wife!”

What an adorable answer! And  big thank you to Adrian for sharing his insight along with a little about himself. He offers some stunning work in the Peterborough area and has been known to travel around the UK, so if you're looking for quality, affordable photography coverage on your big day head over to Peterborough Wedding Photographers profile.

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