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Article Published 09/10/2017

Prickly Pear Pictures

Maidstone based Wedding Photographer Rebecca Crosby is the friendly face behind Prickly Pear Pictures, after studying both fine art and media based photography for 7 years to Masters level she see’s herself as having an adaptable style and was once told by her tutor that she had ‘magic eyes’. We can also vouch for Rebecca’s magical powers of photography, her work is beautifully honest with a soft bohemian vibe, we caught up with Rebecca to ask her a few questions about her wedding photography and started the ball rolling by asking how she got into photography in the first place;

“When I was a child my mother always had a camera in her hand.  She photographed every step of mine and my sister’s childhood.  The camera came into her hands by accident, it was delivered to our house when I was a baby, and the delivery driver didn’t know the sender, no one ever claimed it. I wanted to be like my mum, when I was 8 I asked for a camera and for my birthday and I got my first 35 mm point and shoot.  
From then I used disposable cameras, my mum’s camera and any other cameras I could get my hands on! When I was in my teens I started studying art graphics at school which gave me the use of a dark room, lenses and the chance to really experiment. In 2011 I graduated my Masters in Artists’ Film, Video and Photography and stepped into the world of freelance photography.”

With photography almost engrained into Rebecca’s childhood and adult life we asked her how she came to develop her technique and how she would describe her style;

“Having trained in fine art, analogue photography and printing at art school I consider myself a fine art photographer with a key interest in lifestyle photography.  I love colour, texture and to tell a story with a single image.” 

When it comes to shooting a couples big day, is there a particular part you look forward to?

“Getting to know a couple and sharing one of the most important days of their life with them really is an honour. For someone to put their faith and trust in you to capture their day is a huge responsibility. Every moment of the day is enjoyable to me but to see how happy a couple is when they receive their photos really is what makes it for me. For the bride and groom the day goes in the blink of an eye. My job is to capture and preserve those memories and emotions in time for them to look back on for the rest of their lives.”

With your experience in this industry what advice would you give to a couple looking for their perfect wedding capture?

“What do they want from their wedding photos? I would tell them to look at lots of photographers and to ask to see a whole wedding from start to finish. This gives a better idea of how a photographer captures a day. Choose a style which they feel appeals to them and just as importantly a photographer they feel comfortable with. They will be with you in your most personal, emotional, stressful and private moments and you want to feel 100% at ease.”

With this being a personal and emotional day how do you make your couples feel at ease in front of the camera?

“For me this is part of the pre-wedding process. I like to meet with the couple over a coffee or lunch so we can get to know each other a little. I normally offer a couples shoot, to help them get the feel for having a photographer there as it’s not something people are used to and can make people nervous. Other than that I think it’s about having a sense of humour, patience and an aura of calmness about me.”

And finally Rebecca tell us a little about yourself and what you enjoy doing outside of your photography work;

“I love the outdoors; I grew up on a farm in the countryside. I am looking forward to a week in Dartmoor this November, walking and photographing nature. I love to forage for wild foods and fungus which sits alongside another passion of mine…cooking! Cooking food is something which I truly love. I hope one day to have a Bed and Breakfast in the country where I can host guests and cook them wonderful home grown food.”

You heard it here first! Outdoor loving Rebecca is clearly a passionate, warm and professional photographer and we hope we one day get the chance to stay in her snuggly countryside B&B and wake up to some wonderful home grown grub! We also like to throw out a few personal and silly questions so just for fun we asked Rebecca to describe herself in three words…

“Eclectic, outgoing and conscientious”

If you could be any fictional character who would it be and why?

“Penny Crayon was my favourite cartoon as a kid.  Anything she drew would come to life.  My imagination is so wild and to be able to make drawings come to life would be a childhood dream come true!”

Who is your favourite band or artist?

“It would be a tie between blues legend BB King and one of the world’s greatest poets Bob Dylan”

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 items would you want with you?

“A pen knife, a flint stone and a willing companion!”

Practical, friendly and with bags of imagination Rebecca offers some stunning work in the Maidstone area and has been known to travel around the UK, so if you're looking for chic fine art style photography head over to thier profile!

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