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Article Published 09/10/2017

PS Visuals

Birmingham based wedding photography and videography specialists PS Visuals believe they are some of the best videographers in the UK, with years of experience working in the Wedding industry as well as years spent gaining a Degree and Masters in Film and Photography they have applied this expert knowledge to providing stunning wedding films and beautiful wedding photography. They have visited venues up and down the country offering high end coverage for Bride and Grooms everywhere! We caught up with Matthew to ask him about PS Visuals and how they first got into photography and videography for weddings; 

“It has been a steady progression since college, back then we were shooting on camcorders and everything looked like a budget tv drama. Then the DSLR revolution happened and all of a sudden we had access to cinematic footage, it was mind blowing at the time! Things have progressed even more since then and things are looking a lot more like a film now.”

With cinematic films and gorgeous photography how would you describe your style?

“I shoot in a candid style… I always aim to give couples enough coverage but at the same time a cinematic feel to there films.”

What’s the most enjoyable part of filming a couples wedding day?

“The emotion. You can script and get great actors for a drama but it never seems to compare to the real deal.”

Some couples can feel very nervous on their big day, especially if they know they’re being filmed! How do you get your couples to relax to get those natural looking shots?

“I give very to the point and simple requests when posing them. I aim to ask them to do things they would normally.”

And outside of work what do you get up to? What do you do for fun?

“Outside of work I continue being a camera geek! And besides that I spend time with my family, wife and daughter.”

Family man Matthew certainly has an eye for shooting those priceless moments when it comes to your big day and loves to capture the genuine emotion and love, turning it into fabulous cinematic films and photographs. We asked him some ‘just for fun’ questions and started with asking him to describe himself in three words;

“I would describe myself as professional, easy going and hard working”

Who is your favourite band or artist?

“It's a cliche answer but I listen to everything from Busy Signal to Coldplay to Lana Del Rey so pinning me down to one person is hard!”

And if you were stranded on a desert island what 3 items would you want with you?

“A phone to call for help, water for hydration and food to avoid starvation… always make sure you have the gear for the job wink

Professional and hard working Matthew offers some beautiful memories for your big day. Finding someone that provides both amazing photographs and stunning films can be a grind so with PS Visuals your getting a great deal of memories for a great price! PS Visuals offer coverage countrywide so if your looking for someone to film and photograph your wedding head over to their profile for more information. 

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