Should You Check The Football Fixtures Before Booking Your Wedding? 

Article Published 07/03/2018

Should You Check The Football Fixtures Before Booking Your Wedding? 

My parents got married on the same day as the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur in 1981, they have been married for over 30 years and the topic still comes up to this day. 

I have been filming and photographing weddings for many years now and have noticed many guests having a cheeky glance at their phones in the ceremony and throughout the speeches. The odd cheer and groan will squeak from the back. I look closer and notice this bright yellow beam glowing from under the tables and from inside the churches bibles. Is this God shining a light on the wedding and blessing this beautiful ceremony? Are Angels real? ………. I peer closer and it’s another sort of God….The BBC Sport Banner, glowing in all its beauty. 

I hear you screaming ‘Football is on all the time!!’ Monday Night Football, Tuesday Champions League, Wednesday Premier League, Thursday Europa League, Friday Championship Football, Saturday… Everybody! And the one and only Super Sunday. It is a minefield of how to battle this and to pick a day where you can have the full attention of all your guests.  

Here a few things you can do

  1. TVs everywhere! In the ceremony, TVs on everybody's table or a big projector.
  2. Check the diary for big events such as the Champions League Final, FA Cup Final, Championship Play Offs, I would say Europa League Final but you might be alright with this one….lets face it who’s that bothered unless you’re an Arsenal Fan desperate for anything…… ;-) 
  3. The ceremony could be done early on so it’s over ready for the mid day kick off.
  4. If you getting married on a Saturday have your meal and speeches at 5 so people can have their fix of Gillette Soccer Saturday uninterrupted. 
  5. Get married at the football stadium of your choice so you can be ready for the kick off!

These are a few options and maybe this could be something you can put to your partner before you decide to book your once in a lifetime wedding. When you are sat down with your wedding planner, venue or mother in law make sure you get your fixture list out and utter the words confidently ‘What about the football?’ 

I have no doubt that this will be greeted with nothing but the up most respect and hard hitting conversation. It might be good to get photocopies of the fixtures so everyone can have a look and you can all pick the perfect date together. 

Good luck and may the spirit of Zeus be on your side. 


Just set your sky planner (other TV recording media devices are available) to record Match of the Day or the match of your choice and watch it the morning after.
Realise that it's only 1 day and the score will be the same whether you're being kept constantly up to date or not. Your other half will be overjoyed with the romatic sacrifice you have made on the big day and this will be a beautiful story of love and commitment that you can tell your children in years to come! 

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