VLOG | 5 Things You Need To Know About Drones At Your Wedding.

Article Published 24/02/2018


1. Is it expensive to hire a drone?

it can be expensive with companies charging up to £200 to £1000 pounds. So look for photographers or videographers that offer drone shots within their packages and thats the best way to keep costs down when looking for drone shots 

2. Will the weather have to be taken into consideration?

Definitely! Drones cant fly in rain or high winds. So take this into account if you are getting married in winter as the last thing you want is to pay extra and not get to use the drone. 

3. Are drones noisy?

Yes. Its about as noises as a lawnmower when it takes off, this will vary from model to model. Once the drone is in the air the volume does decrease but the height it needs to be at to capture some great wedding shots means that you and your guests will definitely know when its around.

4. Will I need to get permission from my venue to have a drone?

You need to get permission from your venue as some venues don’t allow drones and they will want to check the license to make sure it is legal to fly.

5. How much of a difference will drone footage make to my wedding film and photos? 

Drone footage when done right can look amazing... You can get some breathtaking shots of the venue and landscapes which can look very cinematic. 

Bear in mind if you are looking to get group shots or couple shots with a drone you will have to schedule in more time as there are many conditions that need to be right before you get the perfect shot with a drone.

Venue shots can easily be done in the morning without anyone knowing or taking time out of your day so make sure your drone operator knows which shots you’d like taken with the drone and the amount of drone footage you want, be very clear on what shots you want before the day otherwise you could end up seeing it more than you would like.