VLOG | 5 Tips For Couples Looking For Wedding Videography & Photography

Article Published 20/02/2018


Here are 5 tips to bare in mind when looking for your wedding photography & videography.

Number 1

Price hiding could mean price hiking

If a photographer isn’t clearly displaying their rates online they might be waiting to meet you to price up what you can afford.

This isn’t always the case but It's not cool for photographers or videographers to vibe their prices so look for ones that clearly and proudly display their prices online.

Another thing to remember is going for a discounted package isn’t always the best idea remember you get what you pay for.

Number 2

Never pay cash

Think to yourself why would they want cash? We have heard too many horror stories about couples paying in cash and the photographer eloping themselves. Paying on a credit card is a good idea as it gives you extra security and peace of mind.

Number 3

Most Suppliers will travel

Don’t feel restricted when it comes to finding your photographer or videographer, most are willing to travel and often capture weddings UK wide so don’t feel like you have to only search for local suppliers. 

Be aware that some may ask for additional travel expenses if you are quite a distance away... so its worth asking them before you book. Plus with Skype and FaceTime you can easily both catch up on your wedding plans without travelling to meet each other.

Number 4

Make sure their photos are ‘their’ photos.

Some photographers enhance their portfolio by stealing pictures from other photographers. You can use reverse google image search to check or stopstealingphotos.com who actively out fake photographers.

Number 5

Reviews are key

Most photographers will want to shout about their reviews online on their website and social media channels. If they don’t have any reviews it could be a bad sign or they could just be new but bare that in mind when booking.

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