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Article Published 03/10/2017
Hello Internet!
It’s great to have you here at CaptureOurWedding.com and we’re massively looking forward to sharing our insight with you on the world of wedding photography and videography.
We’ll be introducing you to all of the wonderful and talented suppliers on the site as well as posting hot topics for all of you lovely couples to give you the knowledge you need when your booking the wedding photographer and videographer of your dreams!
First and foremost we hope your having an amazing time planning your wedding, we know that while it is overwhelmingly exciting! It can also be a very stressful and time consuming experience and that my friends is just one of the reasons we built the Uk’s first online platform where you can browse and securely book your wedding photographer or videographer online!
I’m getting ahead of myself this was supposed to be an introduction! Let me give you a little background on how this crazy idea came to fruition…
I’m Natasha “Hi!” and both myself and co-founder Chris have been suppliers of wedding photography and videography for over 3 years now, during this time we have met hundreds of amazing couples and have filmed and photographed weddings all over the UK. We had built our business from the ground up and noticed how difficult it was for couples to find us in the ever growing (and often confusing) sea of search engines.
Now if I need anything in life whether thats an answer to a question, looking for recipe or a plumber or basically anything! My default reaction is to google it (other search engines are available)… but there’s so much choice! I often find myself getting frustrated and end up asking for a recommendation from a friend or family member which to be honest isn’t always ideal or specific to my needs.
After chatting with couples we realised they go through the exact same thing when it comes to finding their wedding photographer or videographer, plus they had the ordeal of trolling through hundreds of pages online, requesting quotes, waiting for responses and having no idea who actually fits their budget! On top of that couples often had to make bank transfers to suppliers to book their service which for some couples didn’t always turn out the way they had planned, last year alone we had 3 couples book our service last minute because the photographer they had booked had dissolved their company and did not issue the couple with a refund (even though they had paid in full for a service). We were obviously heartbroken to hear that this was going on within our industry and while most suppliers out there are the real deal and offer amazing packages to couples, there are some people ready to scam couples on the biggest day of their lives and take those memories away from them and we just couldn’t stand for it.
Chris and I sat one evening trying to figure out a way that ‘real deal’ suppliers could showcase their work, prices and availability to couples and a way that couples could make payments to them in a safe and secure way.
What options are out there?… Sure there are tons of wedding fayres up and down the country that couples can attend and actually meet suppliers to suss out their work and instantly get an answers to that age old question ‘how much?’ but in this modern age of tech glory why wasn’t there a platform that couples could get all of this information? We have skype and facetime so technically you can meet each other and ask all the same questions that you would if you met face to face AND online there are a number of safe and secure ways to make payments … you could say that this late night conversation was the conception of the CaptureOurWedding.com you see today.
Chris has always been great at problem solving and coming up with idea’s but this was the first time I was truly gobsmacked that something so obvious in our industry hadn’t been done and I knew that we had to make this happen.
For weeks after our chat we spoke about building this exact platform, a one stop shop for couples and suppliers of photography and videography. We got a little team together to gather as much information and data as possible so that we could get enough feedback to know if there was a market for an idea like this and what we learned in this time was staggering! So many of the couples we asked wanted exactly what we were proposing and 98% of those couples said that price was the number 1 factor when booking their photography or videography and this was also the one thing they struggled to find online as alot of suppliers were not upfront with their rates or offered ‘bespoke quotes’.
With all of this in mind we used our savings and hand crafted every detail of the site to optimise the experience for both couples and suppliers, we believe that this industry has to be alot more fair for couples and suppliers and we have done everything we can to achieve this, every element was designed to be as quick and easy as possible to match make every couple to their perfect photographer or videographer for their wedding day… and so CaptureOurWedding.com was born and is now snuggled into the Internet ready to be the number one site that couples use to find their wedding capture!
We hope you find exactly what you are looking for on the site whether you are a couple or a supplier and we hope you’ll come back to our blog page for more information about wedding photographers and videographers on the site, what to look for when booking your perfect wedding capture and blogs written by the suppliers themselves about getting the most out of your chosen supplier on your big day.