Considering An Alternative Wedding?

Article Published 03/08/2023

Considering An Alternative Wedding?

The idea of having an alternative wedding just sounds dreamy right? The idea of being non-traditional and having your wedding the way you want, gives you so much scope to be as creative as you like and anything goes! It is purely down to the couples choice of wedding if they opt to stay traditional however more and more couples are shying away from the 'norm' creating their own magical day which reflects the personality and style of the couple. If you're looking for alternative idea for your wedding day, keep on reading as i share alternative wedding day ideas with you!

VENUE Set the scene by choosing an alternative wedding venue if budget allows. The list is endless when it comes to wedding venues however you may choose one that is simply close to your heart or even close to your location for convenience. If you have or know someone with a huge back garden which has capacity to fit your guests, why not consider something like this to be alternative- create your own theme with decorations, whether you wish to go for the Bohemian Tipi wedding or festival vibe, this will certainly create an alternative wedding atmosphere for your guests. The idea of having your wedding at a Botanical garden is also another option to consider, you'll have the perfect backdrops for those gorgeous wedding pictures as flowers will certainly be covered on this kind of premises. Why not break all traditions and get ready together in the morning of your big day, this will allow time for the two of you to get ready and spend quality time before the day unfolds. You'll be grateful for the time as many couples regret not having one on one time at their own wedding.

WEDDING ATTIRE Get creative with your wedding attire, why not opt for a colourful bridal dress or even something out there, like a bridal sequin jumpsuit or suit. Be as flamboyant as possible with colours, nothing says alternative than opting for a wedding dress that isn't white, we see floral, ombre and even black wedding dresses and i love them purely for being so unique. Some couple opt for brighter colours whilst placing their bridesmaids in white to really stray away from the traditional look. If you are the groom, why not consider something bold like a pink or patterned suit, you will surely have all eyes on you!

One minimal touch that i must admit that i love is wearing trainers, converse, vans or Dr Martens as wedding shoes. This create such an edgy cool vibe without trying and besides, you'll certainly not have sore feet which means more time for dancing!

When it comes to choosing your wedding theme, if you are opting to go alternative, the choice is endless. If you wanted a fancy dress 80's themed reception party or for all your guests to be dressed in bright bold colours, its your day, make it as magical and quirky as you like.

DECOR Depending on your theme, if you opt for one, dress your venue up in your own chosen decorations rather than the traditional decorations that your venue may provide, again if budget applies and you want to go alternative with decor. Disco balls create such a 70's inspired dancefloor that's guaranteed to get your guests feeling the disco fever! By adding a simple retro decoration like this, this will create a hint of sparkle and glitz to your dancefloor or venue. Another wedding decor idea is too consider neon signs, personalise them with your name to take home as a daily reminder of your big day. Consider wedding props like ribbon wands to create the perfect colourful photo opportunities with your guests. The use of bright coloured dried flowers as centrepieces is also a lovely wedding touch which can be reused and taken home by yourself or even your guests as reminders of the day.

ENTERTAINMENT Wedding entertainment can also shy away from the norm if you opt for a more alternative wedding, the use of tarot readers/fortune tellers to be there on your wedding day to give guests readings is certainly out of the ordinary, be sure to have tissues at the ready, just incase.

Consider a bouncy castle, not only for children if you wish to invite children to your big day, but also for adults to enjoy! Have those sick buckets at the ready at the side, jumping and fizz may not be suitable for all guests so be mindful if you opt for this, guests to enter at their own risk!

The idea of having a flower crown station has to be one of my favourite entertainment ideas that i have researched. Flower crowns anyway look so beautiful and boho chic, so why not get your guests involved where they can create their own, repurpose them and wear them to another event whilst also being a reminder of your big day, simply re-use or keep as a keepsake, the choice will be down to your guests!

One way to really stand out, is the idea of hiring circus performers for your wedding entertainment. From fire breathers to stilt walkers, this will certainly create an alternative vibe for you and your wedding guests. Depending again on your theme, this may be the perfect entertainments for you to consider as an alternative option.

A silent disco is also a great idea to incorporate into your wedding day, the beauty is that there will be minimal noise pollution, which means local neighbours will remain happy and you can boogie the night away thanks to the headphones!

FOOD If you want to be alternative at your wedding, why consider something completely out the blue like an afternoon tea for all your guests instead of the traditional sit down meals. This gives your guests chance to mingle with each other on the table whilst feasting on finger sandwiches, scones, cake and sweet treats! Personally, if you are considering an outdoor wedding, this would be a great way of reducing the time that guests are waiting to be served altogether whilst also giving off that tea party vibe.

The use of hiring food trucks is a great way for guests to keep their tummys full throughout the day. Opt for something different like street foods or a vegan food truck to get guests to try different foods if you want to be eco-friendly also. There is also the option of having a wedding day buffet to switch it up abit, guests will be able to return for afters if they still feel peckish hopefully minimising the food waste. Be sure to ask your venue if they do offer food donations to local food banks for leftover foods to ensure no waste.

There are certainaly a lot more alternative wedding ideas for you to consider but i hope you find some of the ideas helpful!

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Written by
Zenouska Miller, Client Liaison Manager