Wedding Date Planning

Article Published 14/08/2023

Wedding Date Planning

Choosing your wedding date will either be a simple task for couples or quite the opposite. Some couples may choose their date purely out of convenience/ when they are able to take time off work, couples may choose specific dates which have a sentimental message behind the date, date of engagement, first date etc, others may choose simply down to financial reasons. The main thing to look for, especially if you have a wedding budget, is to consider the peak of the wedding seasons which is typically May to October time. Although there is a chance of good weather, do expect to pay more within these popular wedding months and also remember to book your wedding date, once decided, as soon as possible. Believe it or not, but everyone within the wedding industry, from vendors to photographers and registars are certainly fully booked too, not just venues, so be sure to plan and book way in advance to avoid disappointment.

Off peak wedding season, you will likely see a decrease in the price for wedding venues simply down to the time of the year but this has no reflection on your wedding day in regards to services, your wedding day will be perfect regardless if it is in wedding season or not!

August bank holidays are a very popular wedding date for couples to get married however again, you will pay for the privledge of this. The bonus is getting an extra day off (if you're lucky depending on your type of work), which also means you get the chance to celebrate your anniversary so you'll have extra time to spend celebrating over the upcoming years.

These three dates are considered to be the most popular wedding dates for 2023- 9/9/2023, 11/11/2023 and 23/9/2023. 2323 is considered as 'angel numbers' as is '11:11' they both symbolise new beginnings, a truy perfect date to tie the knot so congratulations to all the couples out there that may have their wedding days on either of the three dates. The upside is all these dates are that they on a Saturday however Saturdays are the most popular day to get married- remember, it's all about planning in advance if you haven't already.

Wedding planning can be a stressful task for couples but remember to not over complicate your wedding date, choose whatever date suits you and your partner the best. If you have a meaning behind it, great!. . if there is no particular reason for that date, it's fine! go and have the best time celebrating!

The only dates that i would say to avoid is popular holiday dates like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Valentines Day, Mother or Fathers Day if possible as the likelihood of your guests having arrangements on those dates are likely plus keep in mind that during these holiday dates, car journeys may take double the amount of time so be mindful of your guests that may be travelling to get to your wedding!

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Written by
Zenouska Miller, Client Liaison Manager