Wedding Day Regrets

Article Published 13/09/2023

Wedding Day Regrets

br> Wedding day regrets are really a thing! From not having time to adjust your hair and make up before your wedding photographs to having extra add ons that you necessarily did not need which in reality, could of saved you a lot of money on your big day. Here are a few wedding day regrets and simple ways that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Don't be encouraged by family or friends to have unnecessary add ons that they 'might have had at their wedding'. Weddings can come at a hefty expense, venues will constantly try to up sell you canapy's, different types of prosecco etc, which in reality is not particuraly necessary. Unless you have a budget which can apply all the finer details, do not be fooled by having extras for your wedding day if you simply cannot see any value in having them in the first place. Realistically you and partner should sit down together (or with your wedding planner if you have one) and make a list of everything that you want within budget if you have one. Even with your wedding planner, be brutal into what you want and what you don't want. Don't regret your wedding day spendature by being persuaded by people around you, make your day all about you and what you really want!

Couples often regret not spending time with their partner on their wedding day. As you will no doubt be greeting guests all day, your wedding photographs may be the only time that you and your partner get to spend some one on one time. In order to avoid not spending time with your partner, set some time aside on your big day where you can both enjoy each others company. Even if this is for 20 minutes or so after your wedding photographs have been taken.

Another regret that couples often mention is giving away too many details about your big. Couples say that they wish they had kept details about their wedding day on the down low in order to keep the element of surprise for guests and family. Although excitement can be overwhelming and you want to tell all to your nearest and dearest, why not consider keeping all details about your big day to yourself and your partner instead, just a simple 'you'll have to wait and see' is all that is needed. However if you are happy about telling all about your details, you do you hun, its your day!

Brushing up before your wedding photographs have been taken is another common regret that some couples face. No doubt your photographer will inform you and give you a heads up when they are due to take your photographs beforehand so if you need 5 minute to top up your make up or adjust your hair, make the time then. Remember you have timings throughout the day to stick too also so make sure that you manage your time wisely if you do want to brush up beforehand.

Another helpful tip for couples to consider is to ask your bridesmaids/groomsmen once hair/make up/getting ready is done to consider keeping your room that you are getting ready in as tidy as possible. This will give your photographer a clearer backdrop space for them to capture you all getting ready without the mess seen in the background, it also minimize the risk of your photographer having to heavily edit your photographs if garments are on the floor, on the bed etc.

Some couples often regret their choice of who they have within their wedding party, sometimes it may be down to pressure from family, friends etc but the simple way around it, is to sit down and plan who you want to be bridesmaids, groomsmen and who want to attend your wedding realistically as lets face it, the bigger the wedding party, the more expense it will cost you in the long run. All because you may not have all of your nearest and dearest as bridesmaids/groomsmen duties does not mean you don't care for them or love them any less, it is a simple thing of being realistic with your choices if budget allows. There are plenty of other roles that your guests can get involved in without being given 'a role' as such.

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Written by
Zenouska Miller, Client Liaison Manager