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Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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What we're all about

Creative and Innovative offbeat photography. Photography is something that has always inspired me, and is something that I always knew would play a big part in my life. As s wedding photographer it gives me the option to work with a blank canvas every time, and it is always exciting to see what the results are. My work is regularly published in many publications ranging from The Times to The front cover of OK magazine to Elle magazine, and many more. I love taking pictures and feel fortunate that I have been able to make this my career.

Reportage Wedding Photographer Cotswolds

I should make it clear I am not a traditional wedding photographer. If you are looking a wedding photographer who turns up for the ceremony, then spends hours setting up family shots then I’m probably not the photographer for you. A normal wedding day for me, would be to come when the bride is getting ready until half an hour after the first dance, however I am happy to stay longer if required. The longer the better as far as I am concerned as this gives me more opportunities for capturing those offbeat and special moments.

Full day Package - £1400.00
From Bridal prep through to the evening after First DANCE

Robin Bradshaw as photographer
Professional digital editing service
DVD of Hi resolution Edited images
All Day coverage photography
On-line slideshow
I am happy to travel

Payment Terms

Once your booking is made you can pay the outstanding balance as and when you please, the suggested amount for each transaction is £100.

Price: £1400.00
Deposit: £400.00

Final payment due: 2 Weeks Before Booking Date


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