2 Big Tips For Feeling Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

Article Published 03/08/2020

2 Big Tips For Feeling Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

1. Relax and enjoy yourself

This is the main thing I would worry about. In order to get great wedding photos that you are happy with you have to relax and just enjoy the process. I know this is hard when you can spot someone pointing a camera at you however the difference will be huge if you just forget about it. The natural photos are so much better when captured without the couple knowing, it shows more emotion than any posed photo can. Don’t be tempted to strike a pose every time the camera points at you thinking that this will be a better shot because trust it won’t and you will look back and see the same pose in all the snaps. Just relax and ignore the camera is even there. Just be you and rock it!

2. Get involved!

When it comes to those couple shots just get involved have a laugh, be you! Don’t pretend to be some fashion model just laugh and joke around. Enjoy the moment. If you really get involved and enjoy the moment it will fly by and you will be desperate to do more when its done! Remember you hired a professional photographer let them capture the shots, if they need anything particular they will give you small prompts. On this point listen to your photographer, they know what will look good in the frame. But also if there’s anything you feel uncomfortable doing just let them know and they will move on.

Remember enjoy the day and the photos will be a breeze x


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Written by
Natasha Miller, Director