3 Unique Wedding Themes

Article Published 07/08/2023

3 Unique Wedding Themes

So you're planning your wedding and want to have a theme but are a little undecided which way to go. The beauty is, its your wedding so be as creative and bold as you like if budget allows! Maybe you and your partner love going to festivals or are both into sci-fi or horror films, go all out with decorations to match your theme, you have a blank canvas, so it's time to start planning, i'm going to give you some inspiriation into my favourite 3 wedding themes that you may want to incorporate into your wedding day. .

1. FESTIVAL VIBES- If you're interested in having a festival themed wedding, why not consider a wedding venue outdoor with can be sheltered with the use of large tipis or marquees to really create that festival atmosphere. Be sure to make sure that your venue has the capacity and enough land to consider this option. Large licensed farm wedding venues or barns may be better venues to research. If you really want to get the full festival experience, why not consider getting your guests to camp outside with you if the venue allows. This only thing to consider is the weather of course as it can be very unpredictable and give your guests plenty of notice to be able to hire, borrow or get themselves a tent. Again, if budget allow, consider a morning after breakfast with your nearest and dearest to relive the night before and share memories.

Create your very own festival 'passes' by designing and giving all guests lanyards to wear with the wedding timings of the day. Be creative and give your festival wedding a name for example 'White Wedding Weekender' to get your guests excited for your event. Online busineses like Etsy can help you design your passes if you do not want to create them yourselves. Consider creating, DIY or if you wish to purchase signs to signpost guests to your tipi or marquee. Decorate with bright floral flowers, plenty of greenery and fairy lights, to go really all out, why not consider asking local farms if they have any haybails for your guests to sit on however do consider some sturdy chairs also if you are inviting elderly guests so they can be comfortable.

Food options to go with festival vibes, consider food trucks, there are plenty to choose from, including vegan food trucks, dessert trucks, tacos, burgers.. the list goes on. Consider a drink table that guests can help themselves too, include beer and fruity ciders in plastic pint cups which can be recycled or fruity pimms complete with lashings of fruit. Consider guests that may not want to have an alcoholic option like a table of mocktails or teas or coffees also.

Why not ask your wedding guests to consider wearing wellies to your event with a spare pair of dancing shoes for the evening, prize for the the guest wearing the brightest wellies. There is also the option to consider asking your guests if they would consider wearing flower crowns to really get into the theme of your wedding day. Choosing whether you want to hire a DJ for your day or a live band is completely your choice. Remember to do your research as to want kind of playlist your band or DJ may play, if you wish to have a specific type of music, be sure to lialise with them.

2. RUSTIC- A rustic themed wedding is a vibe, infact a rustic wedding theme is very similar to the festival theme in regards to decorations, greenery, fairy lights and haybails for guests to sit on, however i would say colour theme would be more rustic colours rather than bright bold colours. Burnt orange, sage and dusty pink are beautiful colours to consider for your bridesmaids or even guests to dress in to match the theme complete with flower crowns. Grooms could consider giving off that countryside vibe by dressing in tweeds or brown hued clothing which will certainly look dapper on the day.

Decorate your chosen venue will the help of rustic wood decorations, from your wedding signs to wedding favours, table numbers, seating plans and wood placematts for your guests to eat off, drape large foliage over the tables to really finish off the look. Dried flowers look beautiful within a rustic themed wedding and the beauty is they can be taken home and reused so no waste. Candles are a great way to decorate your venue for a cosy ambient atmosphere for you and your guests, be sure to keep candles out reach of anything flammable or away from children you always have the option to consider purchasing plastic candles complete withthe flickering light effect which look stunning.

Consider outdoor games for your guests to enjoy in between the timings of your day, they definately help when it comes to entertaining children also. Ring toss, beanbag games or Tin can games are great games to copnsider to fit in perfectly with your rustic vibe. Consider using old rustic containers to place beers in to really give off that rustic vibe, guests can help themselves to drinks whilst your vendors can be at hand with other tasks of the day to prevent delaying your guests by waiting at the bar, win win all round.

3. HALLOWEEN- This may a bit out there for some couples, however i LOVE the idea of having a halloween themed wedding day. It doesn't matter if you're not married specifically on Halloween (although that would be pretty awesome), the day is yours for you to fulfil your wedding dream with a spooky theme.

Wedding invitations, save the dates can be designed and created by yourself or can also be designed by online businesses like Etsy and Amazon. Views hundreds of templates and designs, some of my favourites of wedding invites in the design of spiderwebs and tarot reader. Your invitation alone will really set the vibe for your guests to know what kind of theme to expect on your big day.

Wedding attire pretty much speaks for itself, if you really want to be unique whilst fitting the theme, why not opt for a black wedding dress or even something completely out there like a pinstriped suit for the groom to wear, i'm getting Beetlejuice vibes already! Consider your bridemaids to be dressed in dark red dresses or even orange to really fit the theme. Get all your guests to wear black, this is one of the easier and also smartest recpetion evening vibe that you can imagine. Black is a slimming colour and your guests will look super stylish without even trying. There is also the option to have a masquerade ball for your recpetion party, get all your guests to get masks and create the ultimate spooky playlist for your DJ to play or live band to play. The icing on the cake could be that your first dance is simply you and your partner reinacting the viral Wednesday Addams dance.

Decorate your venue with the use of velvet pumpkins if you dont want to dispose of real pumpkins afterwards, fake spider webs, ghost balloons and fairy lights. Have beautiful flower arrangements to be used as centrepieces with the use of oranges, greens, whites and black flowers to fit your theme perfectly. You can also get floral arrangements garments to place within your centrepieces like tiny skeletons, pumpkins and bats which can be found again on Etsy, they also have beautiful wire pumpkins complete with fairy lights that can be dressed with a floral arrangement to give that subtle glow to all your tables. If you want to go for an even spookier centrepiece, Etsy have the most adorable floating candles which look like eyeballs that can be placed in a glass bowl and placed on the table, complete by adding florals for the finishing touch.

I love Etsy as it has so many different ideas that people are created specifically for themed events like this. Whether you want to do abit of DIY or buy centrepieces or decorations directly from online businesses, the choice is yours as there are plenty of inspiration out there. Use confetti which has been designed to look like bats,pumpkins and ghosts that would just fit the theme perfectly that your guests can use.

If budget allows, you could really go all out with your drink and food menu for your wedding day. Create your own 'gruesome' and 'spooky' signature cocktails decorated with jelly worm sweets or have a cauldron full of cocktail punch for your guests to help themselves too. Consider a buffet style wedding meal which can be decorated perfectly with edidle eyeballs to bring your food to life, which can be found in local supermarkets or simply buy online. BBC GoodFood is a great website to help you create spooky halloween food ideas if you are considering a buffet especially if you want to do your own catering to save you money. If you opting to have sit down meals, the use of edible eyeballs could still be an option to discuss with your venue to make your meals spooky.

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