Skin Prep Before The Wedding Day

Article Published 10/01/2024

Skin Prep Before The Wedding Day

Brides want to feel and look their best on the wedding day and who doesn't?! Besides all eyes will be on you! It's important to find a skincare routine that works for you. You don't have to buy every skin care product on the shelf and spend an obscene amount of money. Ask in store for assistance, skin care professionals will guide you into which products may work best for your skin. Some stores even offer services to provide a skin analysis test which allows you to see the level of hydration, ageing, elasticity and more!

Here are some simple tips for you to consider to give your skin the love it deserves!

1. Cleanse- By making sure you cleanse your skin, this is considered to be the foundation of your skin care routines. Cleansing your skin will remove any dirt, make up residue throughout the day which will alone make your face feel fresh ready to start with your chosen/recommended lotions and potions!

2. Tone- Again, toning your skin is important and it will again pull out any unwanted make up residue and dirt from your skin from throughout the day. As always, if you are struggling which one to buy or consider, don't be shy to ask for help!

3. Exfoliate- I'm no expert by any means, but exfoliating your skin just makes it feel so damn soft & clean! From exfoliating mitts, to skin based products, find an exfoliant that works for you! By exfoliating the skin, this removes a layer of dead skin and dirt which can clog our pores, meaning that after exfoliation, your pores have chance to soak up and allow products that you use within your skin care routine a chance to really start to get to work!

4. Moisturise-After all the prepping and protecting, it's important to moisturise your skin too. Again, there are many products on the market, products that include anti wrinkle/anti aging, products with hydrochloric acid, retinols. . the list goes on! As always, ask a professional to help you decide which product works for you!

5. Protect/SPF- Everyone knows the importance of protecting our skin by applying a layer of SPF. There are many products on the market, maybe you already have one that suits your skin perfectly. If you are unsure which SPF to consider, talk to skin care assistance in store and they will help find you a SPF cream/serum that works for you.

6. Stick to your routine daily for optimum results- If you really want to show your skin some love, practice and stick to your skin care routine on a daily basis. Set some time aside each morning and each night, who doesn't love a good pamper!

7. Primer- By providing a primer before any make up application, this will not only potentially keep your products on your face for longer (which I've found- my personal experience) but also provides a layer of protection between your skin and your make up products.

8. Drink plenty of water- This is no hidden gem, everyone knows that water is so good for our body in all areas. Drinking water helps prevent dehydration which again has effects on our skin and helps maintain your skins elasticity. The best way to get water down you, stick it in the fridge and enjoy your ice cold water, which somehow (maybe just me) makes it even more enjoyable!

Be sure to avoid any facials, new products or beauty treatments close to your wedding day. If you're anything like me, my face can become sensitive to even face masks and can bring a lot of redness to my skin after use. To avoid any issues, be sure to avoid any beauty/clinical treatments close to your wedding date, just in case you do have any redness/irritation/flare ups. If you do suffer from acne or have skin care issues, there is no harm in seeking professional advice/treatments/seeing a dermatologist however do this in a suitable timeframe. Your dermatologist/ skin care professional will be able to give advice on specific treatments, products and tell you time frames in which you are able to have/stop treatments, they're the experts!

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Written by
Zenouska Miller, Client Liaison Manager