Understanding The Cost Of Wedding Rings

Article Published 12/01/2024

Understanding the Costs of Wedding Rings

The wedding ring, I believe it is not 'just a ring' but it symbolizes the bond between two people getting married and sharing the rest of their lives together! Ahhh! You may have heard registars within the ceremony, say for couples to repeat 'I give you this ring as a symbol of love' and it really is about that. Some couples may choose not have any rings at all within their wedding ceremony and this is completely their choice! When the times comes to planning your wedding, amoungst other factors, choosing the wedding rings can be considered as one of the main ones. However, the price tag attached to these rings can sometimes be overwhelming. I'm going to talk about wedding ring costs, their expense and why some rings seem to be more expensive than others with reason.

According to studies, the average cost of a wedding ring in the United States is roughly around $5,000 and the average cost of wedding rings in the UK is around £1000, however over the years, *thanks inflation* the UK average has been expected to increase to up to £4000! Wowzers! Although this is just an average, the actual expenditure can vary based on different factors such as personal decisions/custom, material choices or influences within cultures. I say this alot in my blogs, but please stick within your budget if you have one, you will be so glad you did!

Here are a few reasons why weddings rings can be expensive:

Materials: One of the main factors that to the cost of a wedding ring is the choice of materials. The higher the quality of metals such as platinum or gold, the higher the price tag, it's as simple as that!

Crafting: The skills and craftmenships of a beautiful wedding ring can significantly impact its cost. Jewelers spend hours upon hours, crafting the perfect ring to ensure aesthetically it looks beautiful and the quality is perfect. Again, the price tag will reflect this!

Stone: Everyone will have their own personal preferences when it comes down to the type of stone (if they choose to have one) however diamonds as we all know, are a girls best friend however the higher the quality of the carat, weight etc , the higher the cost will be! If diamonds were cheap, surely everyone would be wearing them right?!

Custom made: People who opt for custom-designed wedding rings or decide to have engraving done may find themselves paying more for these factors. As beautiful as unique and custom wedding rings are, you will pay for the privilege to have these made. Personally, if it is within budget and you both love them, diamond or no diamond, these rings are for you both and only you. Your choices!

Reputation: You've all heard of Tiffanys, Cartier etc, there is no doubt that these rings are beautiful however the price tag will again reflect this! A high end brand that is well recognised will impact the cost.

Here are a few reasons why some wedding rings may be considered a little 'over the top':

Social Media Influences: Social media has a part to play when it comes down to showing off success or wealth! Remember everyone is in different financial situations and never feel the pressure from other people via social media to end up leaving you both out of pocket, just for the sake of vanity and aesthetics. My advice would be to find the perfect wedding rings that suit you as a couple and also to suit your budget! Let's not forget that!

Celebrity Influence: The world of celebrities often showcases celebrity weddings with their sparkling, glamourous rings. This can create inspiration for people to seek out similar looking rings for their own special day. Celebrity influences can have a lot to do with having the bigger and better wedding rings, but remember again, that everyone is in different circumstances. Again, please do not feel the pressure of having the 'bigger and better' aesthetic look if it simply is not within your budget. Please remember to be sensible with your choices, remember the day is all about love.

While the average cost of a wedding ring may seem steep, it's essential to remember that the price is often a reflection of the materials, craftsmanship, and custom made/personalised wedding rings. Couples should choose a ring that aligns with their budget and values, recognizing that the true worth of the ring presents love rather than the price tag it carries. Ultimately, a wedding ring is a personal choice, and whether it is simple, plain, lavish, diamond, no diamond, silver, gold, whatever, it will forever symbolize the love shared between two people making their commitments to one another. Your wedding, your choice of wedding rings, don't feel pressure or competition from anyone at all, purchase whatever feels right within budget and let love grow!

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Written by
Zenouska Miller, Client Liaison Manager