Wedding Day Transport

Article Published 05/12/2023

Wedding Day Transport Ideas

Once you have the head count of your guests that will be arriving with you to your venue, it's important for you to book and arrange your vehicle arrangements to your chosen wedding venue months in advance to avoid any miscommunication or delays. Be sure to view in person and finalise your vehicles with the company so you know exactly what to expect on the day and what you have paid for. Ask for exact pricing so no hidden costs can occur unexpectedly.

Consider other guests that will be attending your wedding to celebrate with you. If you have elderly guests or grandparents who may not be comfortable getting behind the wheel, consider asking friends or family to make sure that they have a way of commuting to the wedding, by car sharing or hiring a minibus/taxi to split the cost between more people so this can be less of a cost to your guests. If budget allows, arrange wedding transportation for your guests however this may not always be the case for some couples. Even if you don't have room in your budget to book transportation for guests, there are ways you can still give them a helping hand. Consider on your invitations/save the dates/ wedding website to provide information about public transportation whether this is noting down local transport services, taxis, bus routes along with a rough estimate of costs.

Many guests often opt to drive to wedding venues themselves for convenience however be sure to note down if your venue has the option for parking and if not close by parking bays/car parks so your guests are aware what to expect. Many sure that you have the location of your wedding venue clearly stated on your invitations and they are sent out as early as possible so your guests can start planning their transporation options.

If your guests are planning to use local services, it's important to clearly start on your invitations when your wedding reception will end. Guests will then have ample notice to make they can arrange transport to arrive back home. Tip for guests: Do not leave booking a taxi home till last minute as chances are companies will be fully booked and you don't want to run the risk of becoming stranded!

Now onto the options for you to consider when it comes to arriving at your wedding venue as Brides/Grooms. Since working within the wedding industry, I have seen couples opt for different types of transport each catered to their wedding budget. Maybe the Bride/Groom wishes to attend alone with a significant other in one vehicle, whilst bridesmaids/groomsmen are in another vehicle or you want to arrive with your wedding party all together, the choices are down to you and your partner if budget allows.

Here are some ideas that I have personally witnessed when it comes to wedding day transportation:

1. VW Campervans- Why not consider hiring a VW campervans for your mode of transport? I have witnessed these campervans transporting the bride and groom/wedding party to their wedding venue and they look incredible. They give a stylish yet vintage look to the day and not to mention they also look amazing in your wedding photographs!

2.Vintage Cars- Elegant, stylish and Classy, what more do you need? When planning your wedding at your venue, be sure to ask if they do wedding day transportation as some venues have their own vintage wedding cars for guests to use as part of their packages in some cases. These types of cars also can be beautiful to use within your wedding photographs.

3. Party/Disco Buses- Although these are very popular with hen do parties, if you have a large amount of people within your wedding party, why not consider a party/disco bus for your mode of transport to your wedding venue. The chances are you are likely to have feel good songs to sing along too on your journey which is great for calming the nerves of your Bride/Groom to be! Who doesn't love a good singalong to lift the mood and create that exciting atmosphere for your wedding guests before the wedding has started!

4.Horse & Carriage- The fairy tale approach to arriving in style if budget allows. This option sure oozes romance and elegance however be sure to make sure you know your exact distance to your wedding venue to make sure that you arrive on time due to this form of transport being slower than driving a vehicle.

5. Wedding Party Vehicles- Using your own vehicle or your wedding parties vehicles is also an option to consider and may also be the most cost effective. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot use your own personal vehicles to transport you to your wedding venue. Just be sure to consult with your wedding party if you are able to keep the car there overnight and there are very high chances that another wedding may be occurring the next day so you may not always be granted the wish of leaving your car at the venue. That's why arranging your wedding transportation is very important to have in place as early as possible. !

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Written by
Zenouska Miller, Client Liaison Manager