Wedding Photos Before or After the Ceremony?

Article Published 10/01/2020

Wedding Photos Before or After the Ceremony?

America has started a new trend over the last few years..... posed wedding photography before the ceremony. Rather than taking time up after the ceremony when your friends and family want to congratulate you people are choosing to do the posed more formal family and couple shots before the wedding. There are a few advantages to this.....

1. Have more free time after the ceremony.

If you start doing the photos before the ceremony you will have much more time with family & friends after. Sometimes the gap in-between the ceremony and wedding breakfast can be a short amount of time. Rather than missing out you could do the photos before the ceremony where you have more time.

2. This might help with the nerves.

A lot of couples report that the ceremony can fly by in no time and it's hard to take it all in. The adrenaline is pumping, the nerves are through the roof! A good way to feel more comfortable and relaxed could be to do a reveal to the groom before you walk down the aisle. I know tradition is to the reveal to the brides dad however this can be a bit underwhelming (not always but as a photographer I have seen the bride a bit disappointed in the reaction a lot of times…sorry dads!) and imagine the photos you could have of the grooms first look! This can also be captured as the bride walks down the aisle however there can be a lot of complications making this shot a lot harder for your photographer. With time and prep these could be some amazing shots!

3. You will have just finished hair and make up and will be looking incredible!

You will be looking on point straight after you have had your hair and make up done. No travelling wind hitting the hair no make up running off on a hot day. You will be feeling a million dollars and what a time to get some beautiful shots of everyone. It could be 3/4 hours after getting ready that you begin the photos after the ceremony and theres a lot that could happen in that time.

These are just a few points to think about that could make your day a little less stressful and could get some killer shots! However there are things the photographer might not be happy with doing it this way... The lighting, maybe not enough time, family might not have arrived at that time (however you could still do the couple shots), Tradition is out the window!

Anyway just thought I would pop this alternative wedding idea to you all. Have a think and this might work perfect for you!
Written by
Natasha Miller, Director