What is an Unplugged Wedding and Should I Do It?

Article Published 19/11/2019

What is an Unplugged Wedding and Should I Do It? 

An unplugged wedding is a day without phones, cameras or any sort of technology that can interrupt the day. 

We are in an age where cameras on phones are amazing. Everyone has one and they want to use it. With social media sites like Facebook and Instagram its hard for guests to keep their phones in their pockets. Everyone is a budding photographer and they are keen to snap the day on their phone. 

However what I don't understand is that you have hired a professional photographer, who I imagine cost a pretty penny, and the last thing you want to see on your wedding photos are phones everywhere! I have been to many weddings as a guest and as the photographer and I can 100% confirm that this is often the case….phones taking over!

The worst part of the day for this is when the couple has just got married and are walking back down the isle….Sometimes it can be like being in Carphone Warehouse. The photographer is trying to get a real arty classic ceremony shot but arms, selfie sticks and mobile phones are flooding the isle. 

There has been times when it’s hard to get the group shots or get a good angle because all the family have their phones and cameras out elbowing there way to the front. Not only this but sometimes the couples eyes are all over the place trying to look into every lens which can delay the photographer getting the shot. This normally ends up with the photographer shouting louder than everyone else to get peoples attention……In a nice way obviously. :-)

Also a lot of the time the couple don’t want to share their wedding all over social media until they have had their professional photos from the photographer. Unfortunately sometimes the ceremony is all over Facebook before they have even said ‘I do’

What can you do about this? 

There are a few things you could do…. Maybe you could put a note on the invites that you are opting for an unplugged wedding and it would be great if you could not take photos or share them online. 

Place signs around the venue making guests aware or get the best man to make an announcement before the ceremony. 

Every couple has there own thoughts on this topic but I think it’s great to be aware of this so you have no surprises when it comes to your day. 

Food for thought…..

Written by
Natasha Miller, Director