Bridesmaids Responsibilities

Article Published 20/12/2023

Bridesmaids Responsibilities

Bridesmaids are usually considered as your nearest and dearest, the ones that are constantly there by your side, through thick and thin and no doubt would want to help make sure that the wedding day runs as smooth as possible. Brides may have a singular person who may be helping execute the wedding plans or they may have a bunch of people who offer to help i.e bridesmaids, that's why it is quite common for bridesmaids to have responsibilites on the day.

These may include:

- Celebrate the engagement with the couple- By making a fuss of the couple as bridesmaids, this will show them that they are lucky to have you all by their side. Make them both feel special and encourage that you are excited for when the wedding planning will start to take place. Considering getting the couple a card to mark their celebration. Have a get together with friends to celebrate the couple, this does not have to be an extravagant affair that will cost a lot of money, consider having a take away or a night in with friends to show them your support and your happiness for the couple.

- Arrange hen do- As bridesmaids, planning a hen do is a way of celebrating your friends engagement before they are due to get married. Get friends together, discuss your budget, consider where and what you want to do for your friends celebrations and make it a day/night for your friend to remember. Some brides may want to be involved in the planning of this which is completely fine but always remember to discuss finances within the party involved.

- Being there for the bride. Wedding planning can be overwhelming at times so do appreciate that the bride may want to offload on you sometimes when it comes to planning, listen to her and give advice where possible and offering a helping hand if you can, as bridesmaids, be their emotional support. Suggest to the bride to take a day off away from the laptop and all wedding planning so that they can have time to relax. Consider as bridesmaids, asking the bride to go for a walk, grab a coffee, have a chit chat to remind them that everything will fall into place, take each day at a time and to ensure that they create time for themselves for self care to alleviate any wedding day stress.

- Going wedding dress/bridesmaid dress shopping/fittings with the bride will not only give your friend support but they will also appreciate all your honest opinions when it comes down to it. This should be an exciting moment for the bride, so if they do become overwhelmed if they have not chosen their wedding dress on the first day of searching, reassure them as your bridesmaids, that they will find the perfect dress, allow time and patience and everything will fit into place.

- The bride may ask you as bridesmaids to be in close communication with wedding planners, co-ordinators, groomsmen, guests so that timings can run smoothly on the day without putting the bride under too much stress on the day of the wedding. By being kept in the loop at all times, this ensures that brides day again runs smoothly. Sometimes on the day, delays may be unexpected but by having bridesmaids to keep track of this, this makes sure that the couple enjoy their day without any stress and they both stay in the moment at all times celebrating.

- As bridesmaids, you may be asked by the couple/bride to make sure guests engage in activities on the day, i.e being on hand to gather friends/family for wedding photos, signing the guestbook, audio guestbooks etc. Creating memories for the newlyweds to look back on by ensuring guests participate.

- Being present and available on the day. The bride may delegate to you as bridesmaids to help her throughout the day with her dress. Whether this is holding the back/train of the dress to get from one place to another, helping the bride go to the toilet in her wedding dress if they need assistance or keeping hold of the brides essentials if they do not have a bridal bag on the day. By offering to help in simple tasks like this as their bridesmaids, they will appreciate you being there for them throughout their day.

- Help with the clean up. By offering a hand to the couple with cleaning up, collecting wedding gifts/ removing wedding decor if required, the couple and the venue will appreciate this. The more the merrier, put on your favourite playlist and make it a fun task, rather than it feeling like a chore!

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Written by
Zenouska Miller, Client Liaison Manager