Groomsmen Responsibilities

Article Published 02/01/2024

Groomsmen Responsibilities

There is often a misconception of groomsmen duties when it comes to their friends wedding planning and execution. It's not just a case of putting on your suit or tux and turning up, it is also about helping, planning and being there for your friend to ensure their wedding day runs smoothly. Here are some examples!

- Celebrate the engagement with the couple- By making a fuss of the couple as groomsmen, this will show them that they are lucky to have you all by their side, the grooms right hand men. By encouraging the excitement of the wedding of the couple, this will be an exciting time for all your friends to get together to celebrate the planning of the wedding.

- Keep the groom in a clear headspace, calm and collected. Wedding planning may be overwhelming also for the groom, making sure that their duties are being fulfilled and everything runs smoothly on the day. The groom may be in charge of getting himself and the groomsmen to the wedding venue and arranging a stay the night before somewhere before the big day. As groomsmen, offer a helping hand to the groom to ensure that he is not alone in the planning of his tasks for the big day. If moments become stressful, offer to take the groom out for a walk or maybe a cheeky pint in the local pub so he can unwind and come away from the planning as being glued to a laptop is not ideal, screen time away is important.

- As groomsmen or best man, the groom may ask for you to collect the wedding rings if he is engaged in other wedding activities. Make sure the rings are kept in a safe place where they cannot be misplaced!

- The groom may ask his groomsmen/best man to be an audience so the groom can rehearse his speech as sometimes nerves can get the better of you. This is not always the case however, the grooms speech may be a surprise to everyone including the groomsmen, be a friend in times of need if the groom reaches out. - If you as a groomsman/best man also have a speech to deliver, be sure to have this prepared all in good time. Do not leave this last minute as then you may become overwhelmed, feel unorganised and create stress which is nobodys fault but your own!

- Helping to plan the stag do is considered to be a key responsibility of the groomsmen. Although the best man will likely take charge, it's important for the groomsmen to lock in all the details to ensure the day/night/weekend goes to plan. Consider your budget for the stag do also, discuss this between yourself and the groom if they are part of the planning or not. Planning what you do/activities on the stag do is a vital part to ensure that the groom has a great time. Delegate jobs between you as groomsmen, whether one person is in charge of booking hotels/ ordering taxis, collecting cheeky stag do t-shirts or outfits, ensure each groomsman has their role to play and execute.

- Help the groom get ready. The groom may require you as groomsmen to help with putting on his cufflinks, straighting or putting on their tie/bowtie, sometimes even help with styling their hair. Allow time so you as groomsmen and the groom can relax, have plenty of time set aside for your photographer after you are ready. Keep the groom occupied to take their mind off wedding day nerves.

- Greet guests on arrivals. The groom will no doubt throughout the whole day be greeted by guests but by showing your support to guests that you may not know, shows what a great team of groomsmen the groom has by his side.

- The groom may ask for groomsmen to be in close communication with wedding planners, co-ordinators, bridesmaids, guests so that timings can run smoothly on the day without putting the couple under any stress on the day of the wedding. By being kept in the loop at all times, this ensures that the couples day runs smoothly. Sometimes on the day, delays may be unexpected but by having bridesmaids and groomsmen to keep track of this, this makes sure that the couple enjoy their day without any stress and they both stay in the moment at all times celebrating.

- As groomsmen, you may be asked by the couple to make sure guests engage in activities on the day, i.e being on hand to gather friends/family for wedding photos, signing the guestbook, audio guestbooks etc. Creating memories for the newlyweds to look back on by ensuring guests participate.

- Be on hand for the couple to help clean up the venue if required, the couple and the venue will really appreciate it. Help out with collecting wedding gifts, taking down wedding decor, getting the wedding cake to the correct location, anything to help out the couples on the morning after. If all bridesmaids and groomsmen club together for the clean up, this will take less time, put on favourite playlists to make it feel fun rather than a chore!

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Written by
Zenouska Miller, Client Liaison Manager