Bridal Hairstyles: Up-do vs Down-dos

Article Published 18/01/2024

Up-Dos vs Down-Dos

Who doesn't love a wedding?! A day to celebrate love, be around your nearest and dearest and being able to celebrate the rest of your lives together! Choosing your bridal hairstyle maybe a tricky decision to decide upon. Should you go for a sophisticated updo? Should you let your hair down beautifully in a down-do?', Oh the choices!

The beauty of having hair trials before the big day is that it gives you the option to explore what bridal hairstyle you wish to choose on the day, there are a few factors to consider whilst choosing your perfect updo or down-dos!

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both styles to help you make the perfect choice for your big day. Remember to pick the style that you love and suits you best. Go big, go bold, be colourful, curly, straight, the choice is simply down to you and only you can make that choice.



Updos scream elegance for me. From the classic Audrey Hepburn updo to one of your celebrity up do looks like Sophia Richie (personal favourite of mine), there is no doubt that your hair within a up do will stand the test of time with the beauty of your hairdressers sprays, lotions and potions to keep every fine detail in place! The beauty of up dos is that your hair will more than likely stay in place from morning to evening, ensuring that there may be no need for touch ups throughout the day! Sounds dreamy right!

Another advantage of considering an up do hairstyle is that you can show off your beautiful accessories that you may have chosen for your big day. From statement necklaces to earrings, having your hair in an up do will give you the opportuntiy to show off your beautiful accessories to their full potential.


While updos are undeniably beautiful, they may become diffiuclt for you to allow any easy adustments if you wish throughout the day. Like we said, the hairdresser will likely use all their products to keep your hair in place so trying to adjust your hair into a different style, may not be the best idea.



There is no doubt that considering a down-do, there is more scope to work with in regards to style. From loose curls, beach waves, ringlets or even straight hair, the choices are endless. Down-dos offer greater flexibility for adjustments too. Whether you want to change your hairstyle for the reception, having a down do will give you a greater opportunity to allow for adjustments if you wish. It's better to work with a down do to an up do, rather than the other way round!


One of the disadvantages of a down do is depending on your location of wedding. If you're having an outdoor wedding or a destination wedding or are concerned about the weather, down-dos may be more susceptible to wind, humidity, or rain or even heat if you choose to get married abroad. Hair sticking to the back of your neck all day or blowing in the wind may not be a wise choice, so be sure to consider your location and weather conditions to reflect on your hairstyle for the day.

Another disadvantage is that down-dos may require more maintenance throughout the day to ensure they stay looking fresh. This will likely mean allowing time for adjustments and touch ups to prevent in some cases, lifeless or frizzy locks (again weather depending)

Whichever hairstyle you choose, make sure that you love it yourself, you feel confident, regardless of opinions. Make sure it reflects your unique personality, allowing you to feel your best as you walk down the aisle.

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Written by
Zenouska Miller, Client Liaison Manager