Wedding Planner VS Wedding Coordinator

Article Published 31/07/2023

Wedding Planner Vs Wedding Co-ordinator

Planning a wedding can be a stressful task for couples so there is no doubt that sometimes couple opt to hire wedding professionals to help them plan and execute their big day. From cake tasting, RSVPS, venue, music, decor, the list goes on. . and thats only the beginning. Couples often wonder 'do i need a wedding planner?', 'do i need a wedding co-ordinator?' so lets not beat around the bush, what exactly is the difference between the two?

Before you do consider either or even both for your wedding, be mindful to take into consideration, the cost of hiring your wedding professionals and allow plenty of time to indeed hire them getting the most out of your money, even if they may not be needed until a few months prior. Be sure to have a look around for wedding professionals and ask for references and reviews so you can make sure you're happy with the service your chosen wedding planner or co-ordinator will deliver.

A wedding planner is responsible for all aspects of the wedding, from the initial planning stages to the day-of coordination. Experienced wedding planners will have everything in place, from talking and negotiating with vendors, creating wedding boards, attending wedding cake tasting appointments, to basicially being your right hand person when it comes to anything wedding related. They will also help guide you through what you wish to achieve on your wedding day, how to stick to timings whilst also keeping within your budget. Wedding planners may also offer alternative options, themes, designs to pitch to the couple as suggestions. The research is simply left down to them, so no homework for the couple!

A wedding co-ordinator will still play a part of your wedding planning however will take more charge on the actual day but ensuring the venue is ready, liaising with vendors on the day and ensuring timings are in place to ensure a smooth running of the day. If any minor issues arise, your wedding co-oridnator will be on hand to manage these without causing any fuss so the couple can sit back and relax and enjoy their day.

So in a nut shell, a wedding coordinator will help plan and execute all the aspects of the day that the wedding planner has put into place. Remember it is not essential to have either for your wedding, many couples opt for not using any wedding planner or co-ordinator for their big day, your wedding, your decision.

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Written by
Zenouska Miller, Client Liaison Manager