Wedding Plus One

Article Published 13/12/2023

Plus One At Weddings

When trying to plan your wedding guest list, this can be one of the most challenging tasks especially if you are taking into consideration if you wish for your guests to consider a plus one if capacity/budgeting allows. If you are considering this, be sure to make this clear on your save the date invitations. A plus one within weddings is your guests choice of inviting one of their friends/partners/family members etc along to your special day with permission granted by the newlyweds. Not everyone of your guests may be given the option to bring along a plus one so again, make this clear on your invitations to avoid miscommunication. Be sure to receive your guests RSVP so that you can get definite numbers to whom is attending your wedding and who is not.

Who you choose to consider for the plus one invitations is completely your choice. Maybe if budget and capacity allows, all your guests may be allowed to bring a plus one, if not but you are unsure who to consider, why not have immediate family or members of your wedding party to bring along a plus one to make things easier when it comes to the decision?

Maybe you have invited a work colleague that may not know anyone at the wedding, this could be considered as a plus one invitation so that they can enjoy the day with one of their friends/partner etc. Although wedding guests mingle between each other and are highly likely to make everyone involved and comfortable, the thought of attending a wedding alone without knowing anyone may feel daunting. Always remember, this is your day and who you invite and who decide to extend out plus one invitations to is completely down to you! :)

As part of wedding guest planning, there is a chance that you may be asked by your wedding guests if they can invite a plus one on the day. The top tip is to only confirm if budget and capacity allows and if you and your partner are happy for your guest to bring along someone extra. If you simply cannot cater to this request, do not feel bad in any way, kindly decline and explain why this is not possible 'budget etc'. Communicate through phone calls if possible so you can get that personal perspective across to your guests as miscommunication through text messages may be deceived in many ways and may be read in the wrong tone, the beauty of text messages right? LOL


If you have been given an invitation to bring along a plus one, remember to clearly state the name of your plus one guest when you RSVP, this is important so the newlyweds can prepare seating planning etc. Give them all the timings of the day so that they are prepared as your plus one for the day to unfold, be on time etc.

For guests who have been invited as the plus one, be sure to be the perfect guest. Respect the couples wishes, follow the requests on the day i.e seating planning, engagements on the day, be polite and enjoy the day celebrating love for the newlyweds. As a plus one, this also gives you a chance to mingle and meet new guests on the day, the beauty of weddings!

If for whatever reason, you may have RSVP'd and cannot attend, be sure to let the person know who has invited you as a plus one asap, so that the newlyweds can be informed at all times, especially if you are being catered for. Weddings can be pricey at the best of times, so avoiding any wasted meal costs etc is important.

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Written by
Zenouska Miller, Client Liaison Manager