Why Wedding Photographers Might Not Give You The RAW Unedited Files.

Article Published 27/12/2019

Why Wedding Photographers Might Not Give You The RAW Unedited Files.

This is question photographers get asked a lot…. ‘Why can’t I have all the photos?’  ‘Why do I only get a small selection?’

Doing live photography which is what makes up most of a wedding day can be very tough and takes a lot of skill and experience. Capturing those once in a lifetime moments such as walking down the aisle, that look on the grooms face when he sees his future wife for the first time or the look from the brides mum..... these are amazing memories, once in a lifetime moments to capture otherwise it's lost forever.

Photographers can often take over a 100 shots of the couple walking down the aisle to get that perfect shot. That moment where the lighting is on point, faces are glowing, the eyes are open! In order to do this in real time without stopping the whole ceremony, setting up a lighting rig and making the couple pose the photographer will have to take multiple photos continuously. Do you really want to see 99 photos worse than the one you are getting….that perfect one.

Photographers will often take hundreds if not thousands of photos for a days wedding. They are doing more than just pointing a camera in a direction and pressing a button they are creating a story, a narrative to their photos. There’s a lot more that goes into wedding capture than just the photos. Photographers are constantly looking and assessing the day asking themselves how can I tell this story so they can relive this in 10, 15, 20 years time…trying to capture the mood and the feel of the day on film.

It's like putting together a book or a film, you see the parts that look the best and work to tell the story.

When they have captured the day this is just the start to the process, Photographers will go back and look at every photo in detail making sure everything is on point. The ones that make the final cut will then be edited to make the photos pop and to bring back everything you felt on the day.

Sometimes the work of a photographer can be seen as a simple point and click….This is definitely not the case….The photographers are the story tellers that make the day live on for years to come.

High Five to all you Photographers!

Keep on making those memories perfect.

Written by
Natasha Miller, Director